Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fragrance News - Versace Signature, YSL L'Homme Eau d'Été, Boucheron pour Homme Edition Bleue

New Fragrances Available in Washington DC and online:

Versace Signature is now available at Saks Fifth Avenue Stores and online. The new fragrance that debuted by Donatella Versace earlier this spring at Harrods in Knightsbridge is now available in the US. I have yet to have had the chance to smell it, but it is described by the Harrod's Website as "a unique fragrance; floral, fresh and sparkling." It includes top notes of guava, dew drops, blackcurrant, wisteria and lilac followed by heart notes of exotic florals (lotus, orchid, and jasmine) and ending in base notes of musks, woods, cedar, and vetiver. Personally, I am dying to test this fragrance. It is an EDP and is available at Saks in a beautiful 3.4oz bottle for $89.

Edition Bleue is the new summer version of the original pour Homme fragrance from Boucheron. It is a limited edition and is only going to be available at select Nordstrom stores for a short period of time. It is not available on their website, but you can give them a call for more information about where to buy it. Although I am certainly a fan of the original Boucheron pour Homme, I love the newer version. The Edition Bleue was actually released in 2006, but is still available for the summer of 2007, but the bottle has been (thankfully) updated. Although the topnotes of verbena and bergamot remain, the floral heartnotes and vetiver and oakmoss basenotes of the original have been replaced with heartnotes of waterjasmine and an aromatic note and basenotes of cedar and patchouli. The new fragrance is certainly much lighter and summery. Personally, I feel that this edition of the fragrance should become permanent as the removal of notes like carnation and lily of the valley make the fragrance much more wearable and sexy for men. I actually detect some similarities in the aesthetics of Edition Bleue and those of Chanel No. 19, which is one of my favorites and one of my signature fragrances. Both are green and summery without being too fleeting and temporary. I am certainly a big fan and plan to add this one to my collection.

The new Eau d'Été is a lighter version of year's L'Homme, although the primary notes listed are the same. I've heard rumors that this new summer version is simply the original with its formula and concentration tweaked a bit to make it a bit less weighty on sultry summer days. It is currently available in Nordstrom stores (at least in the Washington, DC area), but is not yet online. Call your local store for more information.

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